What Our Customers Are Saying

  • "SocialFlow allows us to work from one central platform for multiple teams, across the world. . . we're in SocialFlow all day, every day!"

    Liat Kornowski, Director of Social Strategy and Innovation, Refinery29
  • "SocialFlow allowed us to strengthen our security. We dramatically reduced the number of producers who have direct access to our social media accounts. For me, it meant no more sleepless nights."

    Anna Vissens, Audience Analyst, BBC News
  • "SocialFlow stretches across our business touching both the editorial and the ad sales sides. It's been a solution that allows us to scale what we do from an organic social publishing perspective, but also has allowed us to unlock incremental revenue from advertisers."

    Ben Kaplan, Director of Product and Operations, Time, Inc.
  • "As a news organization that doesn’t sleep — that has content late night, early mornings, weekends, all around the clock —it was really important to our social media strategy to post content in that time. We found that SocialFlow's scheduling and optimization tools are the best way to do that."

    Tara Abell, Social Media Editor, New York Magazine
  • "SocialFlow has been an invaluable tool to help grow audiences and scale our titles. The insights and efficiencies provided by the platform allow my team more time to focus on what matters most: creating great content!"

    Kari Hodes, VP Digital Content & Audience Development, Trusted Media Brands
  • "The core use of the SocialFlow platform has helped us to significantly grow readership, SEO authority and brand equity. SocialFlow is well worth the investment!"

    Paul Vogel, VP of Content Optimization, SourceMedia
  • "I want to focus my time on content marketing strategy not the time and delivery of posts. With SocialFlow, rather than making educated guesses, we utilize the platform to have the intelligence drive the posting strategy while we focus on content growth."

    Lorraine Goldberg, Social Media Manager, Allrecipes
  • "SocialFlow helps our team take the manual labor out of programming our content and empowers them with the time to think proactively about campaign planning and strategy."

    Katie Evans, Marketing Manger, Edutopia- The George Lucas Educational Foundation
  • "SocialFlow is our main publishing platform. Multiple social media editors work in it all day. It is a great tool for our team."

    Ken Sheldon, Executive Director of Audience Development, New York Media
  • “SocialFlow does a job that no human could possibly do: It analyzes millions of data points to tell us the best moment to send a message for maximum engagement and click-throughs.”

  • "We love SocialFlow because it really helps us publish over 100K social messages a month to almost 900 social accounts. We know we can count on SocialFlow!"

    Apryl Pilolli, SR. Product Manager, Social, Cox Media Group