We are pleased to announce a partnership with leading technology publication AllThingsD, which today launched 15 new Twitter accounts that are optimized by SocialFlow. The new accounts are part of a strategy that breaks out content via Twitter into categories and specialized topics, similar to how they have structured coverage on their website. These accounts enable their audience to follow the news that they care most about and complements the main @allthingsd Twitter account which publishes all content in real-time.

Every publisher on Twitter (whether a media company, brand, retailer or even an individual) is competing for attention against every other Tweet and topic that appears in the timeline of their audience. People are much more apt to pay attention and take a desired action, whether a click, RT, @mention, @reply or Follow, if the Tweets that they see are useful, relevant or interesting at the moments when they are paying attention.

SocialFlow creates more opportunities for this kind of connection and engagement through the SocialFlow AttentionScore™ algorithm that allows it to do three things simultaneously:

  • register which and how many members of a given audience are online,
  • analyze the language used by that audience,
  • time the release of messages to take advantage of optimal intervals when an audience is online, engaged, and talking about relevant content.

As a result, publishers using SocialFlow see increases in key engagement metrics, including clicks/Tweet, clicks/Follower, RT/Tweet and RT/Follower, indicating a much more engaged audience.

It’s been a great pleasure working with the team at AllThingsD on this. We met Drake Martinet (@withDrake), AllThingsD’s social media editor, at SXSW this year where he explained his vision for Twitter to us. It made complete sense and we couldn’t wait to jump onboard. Congrats.

Go here for more information about AllThingsD’s new Twitter accounts. Also, check out @karaswisher and @waltmossberg’s post here and @withDrake’s post here about the news.

Learn more about SocialFlow, and how to sign up, here.

Written by SocialFlow Marketing