June 27, 2018 Apple News, Blog, Product Updates

Accessing Your Apple News Analytics Has Never Been Easier! 

With 70 million monthly active users across the US, UK, and Australia, Apple News is quickly becoming an important distribution platform for publishers and media companies. Not only does it place publisher content directly in the hands of readers, it also provides lucrative monetization and promotion opportunities.

If you publish to Apple News, you can now access your content analytics in the SocialFlow platform, alongside your metrics from your other content distribution channels. You no longer have to log into Apple’s separate dashboard to see how your content is performing – saving you time and giving you a more holistic view of your content’s reach and engagement.

Getting Started:

  • To see your Apple News Analytics in your SocialFlow Dashboard, simply connect your Apple account to your SocialFlow account. Please contact your SocialFlow Account Manager or support@socialflow.com, who will walk you through this one-time process.
  • Once the connection has been made, you will see your Apple News content alongside your other content in SocialFlow – in the Messages Report, Single Message Reports, and Downloadable Reports.
  • Use this consolidated view of reporting to better understand the reach and engagement of your distributed content.

Interested in Apple News but don’t know where to start?
Are you not publishing to Apple News at all? Or want to move from basic RSS connections to connecting directly to Apple News’ API to have your content featured? Let SocialFlow managed services help! From building templates for your content and setting up feeds to easily send your stories via SocialFlow’s platform, to sharing tips and best practices on how to optimize your content for the Apple News algorithm and monetize your content. Please contact your client services representative or support@socialflow.com.

Written by SocialFlow Team