July 12, 2011 News & Events

At SocialFlow, we want our customers to get plenty of “likes” and followers out of the time they invest in social media. But we know success in the space is about so much more than that.

How do you know that your content and your audience’s interactions with it result in the types of engagement that matter? How do you know that your engagement yields the right type of high-value actions that meet your business goals? How do you learn from what you’ve done and apply best practices to editorial programming and marketing planning?

Today in Digiday, Peter Hershberg, SocialFlow President, reveals how to really drive business goals through the social media metrics that matter:

As the social media industry matures, the brands that are experiencing the greatest success at scale are those that take a disciplined approach that combines science and data with the art of content creation, marketing and people engagement.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be delivering more posts and tools that help you extract value from your social media engagement, but for the moment, some definitions of the core metrics we track in social media:

  • Clicks per Tweet (Twitter) and ‘likes’/shares per post (Facebook): The more clicks per Tweet and likes or shares per post, the better. This shows that your audience is receptive to your content and enjoying engaging with you. It shows that people are listening, willing to take actions, that you aren’t over-Tweeting or posting, and most important, you have a strong capacity to inspire action.
  • Actions per follower or fan: This goes to the “quality” of your followers and fans. The more clicks, Retweets, likes and shares per follower you are garnering, the more engaged an audience you’re cultivating. Also, the more engaged your audience, the more likely you’ll attract new followers and fans. An engaged audience is typically made of up of people who will share your messages and bring in even more followers.
  • Retweets per Tweet: This metric, like clicks, goes to the amount of authority and trust you are carving out with your messaging. It goes a step further than a click, because in a sense it is an endorsement of your phrasing and the sentiment behind your message. A strong Retweets per tweet ratio signals that you are considered trustworthy or an authority on a subject and people are responding to your messages.
  • (@)Mentions per tweet: This is a critically important metric if one of your objectives is to spark interaction and conversation.
  • Comments per post:Like mentions per Tweet, comments per post is a great way to measure the engagement your messages are inspiring.

Want to get better return on your investment in social? First, decide on your objectives:

  • A high level of engagement (blend of clicks, Retweets, likes, shares, mentions and comments)
  • Increasing traffic to your website (clicks)
  • Growing an engaged audience that takes actions that you desire (followers and fans)
  • Increasing sales from social channels (transactions)
  • An high quality group of followers capable of boosting the spread of your messages (action per Tweet or post)

Then, stay tuned as we bring you an interactive worksheet that will help you track the key metrics over time.

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-@amandamccormick, SocialFlow

Written by SocialFlow Marketing