March 15, 2012 Insights, News & Events

SocialFlow client Johannes Neuer, eCommunications Manager at the New York Public Library, is speaking today at the Public Library Association Conference in Philadelphia. His presentation covers the topic of Social Media and Your Marketing Strategy; we recently got a chance to speak with Johannes a little bit more about his upcoming presentation.

This presentation focuses on providing the framework of implementing social media step-by-step for a library’s success.

“At the library, we use social media to engage audiences and make them aware of library features they may not know about,” Johannes says. These features include their Reading Recommendations list, news, events, blog posts with active bloggers including various images and video content. The New York Public Library also collects inspirational quotes from authors as well as patrons daily through their websites home page as well as providing tips about various library locations.

In building a social strategy, Johannes has a well-mapped-out plan. “It all begins with securing and preparing the staff, organizing the type of content we want to promote, meeting patrons in their social neighborhood with the use of Foursquare, and surveying audience visits through relevancy,” says Johannes.

Johannes also highlights the ability of social media to assist in customer relations within the library’s workflow. He says: “With Twitter, we can interact with customer concerns and feedback instantly. Foursquare allows promotion of our libraries’ locations and tools like SocialFlow can be used to measure success of our growth.”

Johannes also offers a Pinterest tip of his own: book recommendations that the library prepares to post on Twitter and Facebook can make great Pinterest posts by using the images of the recommended book covers.

In the end, Johannes highlights social media as an essential audience-building tool in the digital age. Whether driving traffic real or virtual, or providing a vital public service, the New York Public Library relies on social to unlock a wide range of benefits to their patrons.

For more on Johannes’ presentation, check out his SlideShare, below: 

Written by SocialFlow Marketing