Social Media is not a popularity contest

Likes and Followers alone do not translate into social media success – it’s about engagement not reach. Knowing how to connect and interact with the right audience will give you the best return on your activities.



What Cadence does

Cadence helps brands and businesses understand the constant flow of real-time data, so they can deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. For the first time ever, brands and businesses can respond to split-second shifts of attention and interest.


How Cadence works

Cadence uses predictive analytics to determine the value of your content on the Social Graph. In real time, Cadence determines when a specific audience is available and what specific topics they are most likely to engage in. It then automatically publishes your content when the audience is most receptive. Processing over 1 terabyte of data each day, SocialFlow’s Cadence lets marketers confidently use social media to maximize engagement and measurably improve their ROI.


Key Benefits

  • Clearly understand what your audience wants and when they are most likely to engage
  • Get the most from your current content and publishing efforts by being part of active conversations
  • Create business value from your earned media by driving clicks, page views and conversions
  • Control the frequency and reach of your messages with an intelligent, always-on publishing platform


Stephanie Sawler
Senior Digital Marketing Manager,
IGN Entertainment

“The ability of the SocialFlow software to pinpoint timing on posts has helped drive interest in conversations and curate additional content relevant to the conversations from elsewhere in the ‘socialverse.’ They’ve helped IGN become the #1 voice on Twitter in the gaming vertical!”