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March 21, 2014 Uncategorized

SocialFlow’s client is one of the largest North American specialty retailers in its category.


Our client came to SocialFlow to improve engagement for its organic and paid social effots, focusing on paid brand engagement. The goal was to increase audience and quality engagement. The brand was willing to pay a premium for their target demographic.


Our client has the smallest social media budget among competitors, yet they want a “quality fan/follower” that meets very specific demographic requirements. This requires very precise targeting. They wanted to build this targeted audience without spending specifically on engagement.


SocialFlow devised a plan to engage the current audience with an efficient Cost per Engagement (CPE) while focusing on audience acquisition within targeted demographics, leveraging different ad units and strategies to acquire higher quality fans/followers.

Because of early success driving engagement and acquiring high-quality fans/followers, SocialFlow developed a sequenced call-to-action approach that drove users through a funnel to the desired action. SocialFlow recently worked with the client to create a video campaign, developing tailored audiences to target in Video View and Direct Response campaigns.



  • This retailer consistently outperforms competitors in their space due to sophisticated techniques SocialFlow employs, even with the retailer’s limited budget.

  • Campaign Expansion:

  • Given the many successful brand awareness campaigns this year, our client began its first-ever Direct Response holiday campaign through SocialFlow and has expanded into video.

  • Engagement:

  • Engagement has built steadily with a significant growth in audience. The retailer has spent more than $700k on campaigns through the SocialFlow platform.

  • Cost:

  • $0.09 cost per engagement with and engagement rate of 12.14%.

  • Strategy:

  • SocialFlow developed a strategy to more effectively sponsor our client’s posts with a sequenced call-to-action, building engagement with each user.
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    Written by SocialFlow Team