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April 21, 2014 Uncategorized

SocialFlow’s client is a leading global airline based in the U.S.


A major airline was focused on improving the distribution of their content across their social media handles. The team was also looking to increase their number of quality followers while reducing the amount of time spent on publishing existing content to social media.


The airline uses both internal resources and an agency to create social media content. SocialFlow’s client had a number of different offers that were relevant to consumers in specific locations. They wanted to be able to provide the right content to customers in the right location in order to target the correct exclusive offers to the relevant audience, without spamming their entire fan base.


With SocialFlow, the airline is able to geo-target messages, only showing fans relevant geographically based promotions. By using data-driven publishing capabilities, the client and their agency were able to eliminate the guesswork of when to publish messages. Scheduling posts are time-consuming and ineffective as compared to data-driven optimization available from SocialFlow. SocialFlow’s platform improved collaboration between the agency and the airline because all users could see published and future messages and real-time results across all networks.


Growth – Optimized with SocialFlow versus Scheduled:

  • 406% greater reach on Facebook
  • 166% more engagement on Facebook
  • 129% more engagement on Twitter

  • Targeting:

  • The airline used geo-targeting to gate their content, allowing the team to target organic messages with specific promotions to different geographies – e.g. targeting people in NYC for cheap deals from NY-area airports.

  • Workflow:

  • Moving to one platform improved the workflow with their agency, greatly reducing time and duplication of efforts. The agency had better data to provide to the airline about their successful efforts on social media. The client was able to more efficiently work with their agency and see the results of their agency’s efforts.
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    Written by SocialFlow Team