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March 29, 2013 Uncategorized

SocialFlow’s client is a Five Diamond resort featuring a luxury hotel and casino, shopping, and a premium meeting and convention center.


The hotel was looking to improve distribution of content using data. The team wanted to ensure that the right offers for weekend getaways were placed in front of their audience when they were excited to engage with that content.


The Las Vegas hotel market was very competitive and crowded with the hotels pushing more and more content and offers into customer feeds and the client had specific goals to increase engagement and conversions of weekend getaways and other special offers. The hotel needed to stand out.


Management wanted to see specific results to justify the social media budget. However, the social media team was very small with limited resources. To succeed, they needed to make the most of organic publishing, performance, and workflow/time savings. The SocialFlow platform automatically identified the best performing organic social messages, allowing the team to quickly create promoted posts to place their message in front of new potential customers. Data provided the suggestions for which messages to promote, creating workflow efficiency and improvement for management.



  • 65% increase in fans to Facebook pages
  • 49% increase in followers to Twitter handles
  • 78% increase in clicks per post on Facebook
  • 29% increase in clicks per tweet
  • 8% CTR for promoted posts
  • $0.09 CPC for promoted posts

  • Workflow:

  • The SocialFlow platform also allowed workflow improvements for organic publishing that saved the team large amounts of time that were freed up for content creation. Content was optimized to publish automatically at the best time to receive the maximum amount of engagement, eliminating guesswork for the team.

  • Tracking:

  • Tracking pixels also allowed the social media team to show an increase in conversions on specific offers, allowing them to better tailor social media offers.
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    Written by SocialFlow Team