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Imagine you walk into a clothing store looking for a new pair of jeans. As you enter a clerk approaches and informs you of a 40% off sale they are having on socks. You tell him that you are looking for jeans and ask where they are in the store. Rather than answer your question …
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f8 Video Blog

As a person who commutes to work via the train I am a mass consumer of social media. If you look around almost every person is holding their phone swiping through their various social feeds. The interesting thing that I have recently noticed is that more and more people are holding their phones with two …

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As social networks continue to grow how are they impacting legacy news organizations? That is the question of debate during a South by Southwest panel titled, “Social Media: Breaking News or Fixing News”. Hosted by Kai Ryssdal of Marketplace, panelists included a social media editors from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Associated …

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Social Media Success

There are two equally important aspects to Social Media success: Creating great content and reaching your audience so they can consume it. As Marketers and Publishers we are only able to truly control one of these items: content. The other, reaching your audience, is more difficult because of all of the possible variables that impact …

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Facebook Marketing Partner Blog

On February 17th Facebook announced their new Marketing Partner program. In their words, “The Facebook Marketing Partner badge is awarded to companies that have clearly demonstrated unique capabilities that help marketers scale and achieve efficiency with Facebook marketing, and must demonstrate expertise and specialization.” The program was designed to allow Marketers to easily identify solutions …

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Facebook call-to-action
One of the key elements of good copy is a call-to-action that entices the reader to take a specific action. Facebook makes it easy to ensure your copy has a strong call-to-action by offering a selection of standard buttons to accompany your organic or promoted posts and paid ads. Tips for Facebook Call-to-Action Buttons Pay …
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SocialFlow sat down with Janet Reush, Social Media Community Manager at Bankrate, to discuss managing social media for a financial brand – from challenges and successes to the evolution of social’s place within the company. Our conversation covers the role, evolution, surprises, and challenges of Social Media within a financial publisher. Janet explains how Bankrate …

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2015 Predicitions

As we enter 2015, it’s a good time to take stock of how far social marketing has come, and where it might be headed. The lion’s share of social marketing attention this year has centered around organic reach, specifically the steps Facebook has taken to decrease it for marketing messages. Twitter continued to build out …

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Optimize Paid Social Advertsing

Advertising on Social continues to grow in popularity and evolve. It is no longer a question of if you will advertise in Social Media, it’s how much budget and time will you allocate to it. With more people logging in to Facebook daily than not, it has become THE ad buying destination on Social. In …

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MAGAZINE MEDIA INDUSTRY IS FIRST TO CAPTURE AND REPORT SOCIAL MEDIA ACTIVITY ACROSS NETWORKS Results of the first Magazine Media 360° Social Media Report, released today by MPA – The Association of Magazine Media, revealed new insights into the performance of 166 magazine media brands on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. The report is based …

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