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As social networks continue to grow how are they impacting legacy news organizations? That is the question of debate during a South by Southwest panel titled, “Social Media: Breaking News or Fixing News”. Hosted by Kai Ryssdal of Marketplace, panelists included a social media editors from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Associated …

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Social Media Success

There are two equally important aspects to Social Media success: Creating great content and reaching your audience so they can consume it. As Marketers and Publishers we are only able to truly control one of these items: content. The other, reaching your audience, is more difficult because of all of the possible variables that impact …

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On February 17th Facebook announced their new Marketing Partner program. In their words, “The Facebook Marketing Partner badge is awarded to companies that have clearly demonstrated unique capabilities that help marketers scale and achieve efficiency with Facebook marketing, and must demonstrate expertise and specialization.” The program was designed to allow Marketers to easily identify solutions …

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Facebook call-to-action
One of the key elements of good copy is a call-to-action that entices the reader to take a specific action. Facebook makes it easy to ensure your copy has a strong call-to-action by offering a selection of standard buttons to accompany your organic or promoted posts and paid ads. Tips for Facebook Call-to-Action Buttons Pay …
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