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Google recently announced the sunsetting of Google+, starting with all API integrations over the next 8-10 weeks. This means that SocialFlow will not reliably be able to post customer content to Google+ prior to the network’s shutdown. Google will be restricting API access going forward, so G+ posting and metrics will become increasingly unreliable prior …

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SocialFlow Featured on “The Top” Podcast

SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson joined social media and SAAS expert Nathan Latka on his podcast “The Top.” Nathan interviews  TOP entrepreneurs and looks in-depth at the business: how much they sold last month, how they are selling it, and what they are selling. This 20-minute interview covers the SocialFlow business model, the current state of …

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facebook breaking news indicator

New Feature: Facebook Breaking News Indicator

UPDATE (11/01/18): Facebook has announced that they are expanding the Breaking News program– both adding approved publishers and rolling out in more countries. SocialFlow clients who participate in the program can easily post their breaking news content directly from the SocialFlow platform (scroll down to learn how). In addition to the US and Canada, which …

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New Feature: Facebook Video Crossposting

You can now crosspost videos to any Facebook Pages you manage directly from the SocialFlow platform! Crossposting videos is now easier, quicker, and just takes a few simple clicks. Crossposted video metrics are also available in the Single Message Report – saving time and giving you a broader view of your content’s reach and engagement …

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socialflow ebrake

Pro Tip: Mobile Pause Publishing

When you need to make sure news continuity is uninterrupted, whether you are live-tweeting or there’s a breaking news event, SocialFlow has mobile pause publishing – think of it as your social media “e-brake!” Mobile pause publishing is an easy way to pause any accounts you have access to directly from the SocialFlow mobile app …

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Are More Regulations on the Way For Social Media?

SocialFlow’s CEO Jim Anderson joined Jon Erlichman of BNN Bloomberg to discuss whether the big social media players face tighter regulations. Technology platforms are experiencing a level of scrutiny that’s not likely to change anytime soon.   Twitter’s Jack Dorsey mentioned in his testimony how Twitter is studying the use of blockchain to solve some …

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Did You Know?: Weekend Publishing

Did you know social posts published on the weekend get more clicks? Saturday’s usually see an average increase of 9% clicks, and Sunday’s see a whopping 14% increase! This increase is due to the fact that publishers actually post less on the weekends! This means less competition to get your reader’s attention and more timeline real estate to …

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12 viral videos of 2018

Top 12 Viral Videos of 2018…So Far

SocialFlow is privileged to see content from many of the world’s best media companies pass through our platform. The biggest and the best use SocialFlow’s software to publish, measure and monetize their content on social networks. As we enter into the second half of the year, we thought we’d share some of the best-performing viral …

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Social media security is an increasingly important consideration for companies. Make sure to enable the two-factor authentication to remain secure, here’s how: Using SocialFlow’s 2-Factor Authentication Before attempting to do the following steps it is critical that you ensure that the time on your phone is set to the correct time. Two-factor authentication requires two …

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Apple News Reporting Now Available!

Accessing Your Apple News Analytics Has Never Been Easier!  With 70 million monthly active users across the US, UK, and Australia, Apple News is quickly becoming an important distribution platform for publishers and media companies. Not only does it place publisher content directly in the hands of readers, it also provides lucrative monetization and promotion …

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