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Quick Tip: Favorited Accounts

We’ve made a small change that may save you big time! 🙌 If you have access to a bunch of social handles in your SocialFlow account, this new feature is for you! You can now “favorite” accounts/handles so they appear first in your list, saving you time from scrolling through all of your available handles …

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Round Up: Features for Efficiency

SocialFlow is purpose-built for media companies. Used by some of the biggest names in media, SocialFlow is also an invaluable resource for smaller, more nimble social teams. No matter the level of resources available to you, increasing your team’s workflow efficiency is always our goal. We’ve built a bunch of features into our platform to …

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Protect Your Social Handles, from the Inside Out

You work hard to create engaging content, build trust, and cultivate a social following. But are you thinking enough about how you secure that trust? A Google search of “social media hack” will reveal a litany of stories that range from embarrassing to disastrous. “I’ve been hacked” is a club that nobody wants to join. …

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socialflow ebrake

Pro Tip: Mobile Pause Publishing

When you need to make sure news continuity is uninterrupted, whether you are live-tweeting or there’s a breaking news event, SocialFlow has mobile pause publishing – think of it as your social media “e-brake!” Mobile pause publishing is an easy way to pause any accounts you have access to directly from the SocialFlow mobile app …

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can send/must send socialflow

Can Send/Must Send

Every piece of content you deliver on social media should be optimized for your audience. Data shows that manually scheduling posts yield lower engagement rates and reach. With SocialFlow, you are able to optimize messages with the choice of Can Send or Must Send. Must Send messages must publish within the selected time range, overrides …

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Pro Tip: Publishing Limits

Publishing limits allows each social account to have its own rules/cadence to publish optimized content throughout a given day. Each respective social account has its own publishing limits settings which are located by navigating to Settings > Application > Social Accounts and entering into the individual account’s page. Here is a quick video to show …

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