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Top Ten to Watch in News 2019

Top Ten to Watch in Business 2019

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Case Study: SourceMedia

PROBLEM: SourceMedia has 20 B2B titles across eight verticals. Each title is tasked with using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to grow their readership, SEO authority, and brand equity – to service their existing readers/subscribers and to surface their content to people in their purview but should be. With desperate editorial teams, each title was creating …

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Case Study: Refinery29

CHALLENGE: The social and innovation team at Refinery29 knew they needed a tool to keep them better organized and working more efficiently. With social stakeholders across the globe, contributing to 10+ Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages/accounts, they needed a solution to help them as they scaled. The social contributors, including editorial, social, branded experiences, syndication …

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Case Study: Around The Clock Coverage

New York Magazine publishes content across different social channels, along with each of their sub-publications, Vulture and The Cut, 24 hours a day. Learn how SocialFlow helped their small team publish news and coverage around the clock, maximizing social growth and engagement in our latest case study:  OBJECTIVE: As a news organization, New York Magazine …

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The BBC has nearly 500 social properties and more than 20,000 employees around the world. They turned to SocialFlow for a way to securely streamline their social publishing and implement a standardized way for journalists to publish safely and securely to their social handles on a global scale. See what happened when they implemented SocialFlow’s …

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Allrecipes creates efficiency and drives performance with the SocialFlow Publisher Platform., the world’s largest digital food brand, is a food-focused social network helping home cooks further their food passions and achieve everyday food goals. The site is among the ten largest social sites receiving more than 1.3 billion visits annually. The digital content …

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Bankrate is a leading publisher, aggregator, and distributor of personal finance content on the internet. Bankrate provides proprietary, fully researched, comprehensive independent, and objective personal finance content. OBJECTIVE: Bankrate uses social media for brand discovery, audience acquisition, and increasing engagement to monetize social media traffic through ad-based platforms, while also serving members of the social …

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SocialFlow sat down with Janet Reush, Social Media Community Manager at Bankrate, to discuss managing social media for a financial brand – from challenges and successes to the evolution of social’s place within the company. Our conversation covers the role, evolution, surprises, and challenges of Social Media within a financial publisher. Janet explains how Bankrate …

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