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Quick Tip: Favorited Accounts

We’ve made a small change that may save you big time! 🙌 If you have access to a bunch of social handles in your SocialFlow account, this new feature is for you! You can now “favorite” accounts/handles so they appear first in your list, saving you time from scrolling through all of your available handles …

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Social media security is an increasingly important consideration for companies. Make sure to enable the two-factor authentication to remain secure, here’s how: Using SocialFlow’s 2-Factor Authentication Before attempting to do the following steps it is critical that you ensure that the time on your phone is set to the correct time. Two-factor authentication requires two …

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can send/must send socialflow

Can Send/Must Send

Every piece of content you deliver on social media should be optimized for your audience. Data shows that manually scheduling posts yield lower engagement rates and reach. With SocialFlow, you are able to optimize messages with the choice of Can Send or Must Send. Must Send messages must publish within the selected time range, overrides …

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socialflow ebrake

Mobile Pause Publishing

When you need to make sure news continuity is uninterrupted, whether you are live-tweeting or there’s a breaking news event, you now have mobile pause publishing – an easy way to pause any accounts you have access to directly from the SocialFlow mobile app! Introducing the Mobile Pause Publishing feature, the social media “e-brake” that …

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A/B testing has been a tough nut to crack for social media editors. Ever-changing audiences and the inability segment audiences in a statistically significant way has left editors with only two options: guess or give up. However, some basic SocialFlow features allow enterprise clients to essentially A/B test content on smaller pages and then use …

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Tuesday Tip: Social Strategy, Adjusted

If you listened to our webinar on July 12, you heard something that might have surprised you: posting to your social networks on a Sunday can actually help your performance reach.   Our Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, Frank Speiser, did some research over the course of one year and he found that the highest reach per …

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