Twitter sending more clicks to publishers
February 2, 2018 Blog, Coffee Talk, Homepage, Twitter, Videos

Our latest coffee talk, Twitter Optimism, jumps into some new data we found out about Twitter in regards to clicks-per-post traffic being sent to publishers versus Facebook.

Back in December, we saw a slow, but steady, increase in click per post traffic. On the data graph below, you can see the gap between the Facebook line and Twitter line begin to close in on just about a 2x difference in December, compared to 5x difference in just October between the clicks per post you would get on Facebook versus Twitter.

Twitter sending more clicks to publishers

These changes are due to Twitter making certain tweaks and improvements to the way they serve content in their feed. People generally tend to enjoy professional quality content and Twitter has recognized that. “News publishers and journalists are essential to Twitter, and we strive to be a dependable, valuable partner. Their success is our priority,” Twitter director of global news partnerships Peter Greenberger told Buzzfeed News.

This data also comes out on the heels of Facebook’s multiple announcements on the massive change in their feed algorithm last week that will return the social platform to its early roots of connecting people to people and not media.

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Written by SocialFlow Team