SocialFlow’s technology solutions measurably improve your Brand’s ability to be successful in using social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. We improve user engagement with your content, and therefore increase the rate at which users take action.

We do this by using real-time data to understand the constantly changing interests of your audience, then mapping your content to the windows where you’ll get the most attention. We couple the technology with industry leading insights, to give you a complete picture of how well you are reaching your audience. We like to describe our value proposition as: “Right message. Right audience. Right time.”

Whether you are trying to achieve clicks, likes, follows, shares, or any other social objective, we have a solution that will improve the performance of both your Owned and Paid Media efforts. The combination of your content, your audience, and SocialFlow’s technology creates measurable value.

We work closely with Facebook and Twitter to incorporate the latest publishing and advertising changes into our products—keeping up with the changes so that you don’t have to.