Inspired to find a better way to publish their own social media content, co-founders Frank Speiser and Mike Perrone began developing the scientific algorithms that would become the foundation for SocialFlow. Later, through intensive research of real-time data from Twitter, Facebook and other sources, they developed the SocialFlow AttentionScore™ technology that determines the value of content on the social graph in real-time.

Jim Anderson, CEO

Frank SpeiserJim Anderson has a distinguished track record in technology, with a 20-plus year career spanning the development, productization, and sale of technology solutions in both B2B and B2C environments. He has spent the past six years on the cutting edge of social media, and over that time has been helping marketers effectively use technology to power their social media efforts.

Prior to SocialFlow, Jim was Chief Operating Officer of Vitrue, where he was instrumental in building the team, the products, and the customer relationships that ultimately led to the company’s acquisition by Oracle.  After the acquisition, he spent a year leading the successful integration of the Vitrue products and technology into the Oracle portfolio.

Prior to Vitrue, Jim spent nearly a decade at EarthLink/MindSpring, the consumer Internet Service Provider who helped create consumer adoption of the Internet starting in the mid-1990s.  He led the development and launch of MindSpring’s first high-speed DSL offering, a business that ultimately grew to more than a million subscribers.

Jim also spent nine years in consulting, advising a variety of Fortune 500 clients on technology and business issues.  He has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in engineering from Georgia Tech.  He has three children, including one very special needs child.


Frank Speiser, President and Co-founder

Frank SpeiserFrank Speiser is the visionary technologist who has brought a science-based approach to marketing and publishing on social networks. He was one of the first people to understand that in order to win the fight for audience attention, businesses and brands needed to be able to reliably determine the real-time value of their content on the social graph. His approach to using applied mathematics, language analysis and technology helped develop the algorithms that power SocialFlow’s ability to understand data and led to a new perception of the value of attention on social networks. Frank has been exploring the practical applications of science and data since his early childhood when at age 8 he made his first program to translate sheet music into sound via BASIC. Since then, Frank went on to hold the CTO positions for New York based Takkle, Inc. (acquired by Alloy Media+Marketing), and video and social site HEAVY. A self-declared baseball fanatic, Frank has been collecting player cards and memorizing statistics since he was young. For him, the game was always about the data and he uses his passion for the sport to create an analogy for what social media managers face when they publish to the web: “Staring down a pitcher at the plate, you have a split second to decide whether to swing or to wait. The growth of Twitter and Facebook means that companies and brands need to make the same split-second decisions everyday based on millions of interactions. At SocialFlow, such fine-grain real-time decisions are what we do every day for our clients.”

Sam Kaufman, Chief Technology Officer

Sam KaufmanSam Kaufman is the Chief Technology Officer at SocialFlow. A highly experienced executive with a track record of success, he is responsible for technical development at the company as well as the architectural strategy decisions and its scalability. Sam leads the development of new software and manages the technology team in their effort to create the best and most innovative products for publishers and brands to maximize their ROI in social media marketing. His development team leverages the fields of natural language processing, data mining and machine learning with web development to develop client facing products such as the attention buying platform for Facebook (Crescendo) and the company’s signature, optimized publishing product (Cadence).

Sam has been with SocialFlow since March 2010. Prior to SocialFlow, he was responsible for bringing interactive applications from concept to reality at major media companies such as Dow Jones, UrbanDaddy and NextNewNetworks.
Sam started his career in the web development industry in 2000 as an intern at Wasabi Systems, an enterprise solution for firms interested in running NetBSD. After graduating from Stony Brook University in 2005, he worked mostly as an independent web developer until 2006.

Sam joined Heavy.com in late 2006 to assist in launching Heavy 2.0, where under the leadership of Frank Speiser he helped to bring Heavy back into the cutting edge of the web, with scalability and user generated content to compliment the company’s programming. Sam integrated Nielsen and Omniture tracking, and implement Doubleclick’s ad serving product to monetize and analyze the millions of visitors monthly that Heavy grew to accommodate.

Sam developed a specialty in Flash Actionscript at heavy.com, where he built an interactive video player (HeavyTV) leveraging full-screen video (which was brand new at the time) and DoubleClick’s ad serving service to embed rich media ads into the experience of watching user generated videos to millions of viewers.

Alongside the video player, Sam integrated the ads platform into the non-flash part of the site, which led to sponsorship opportunities with major brands, films, and television shows, servicing ads to the millions of visitors the site attracted monthly.
At Takkle he teamed again with Frank Speiser to turn what was essentially a prototype into a fully realized, scaled social networking platform for high school athletes interested in college recruiting. At Takkle Sam was ultimately responsible for managing a team of 7 developers. Takkle was sold to Alloy Media in 2009.

He continued his work in interactive video products at Dow Jones where he built the video player for the live feed of the state of the union address on the front page of wsj.com in 2010. Kaufman has deep experience in bringing interactive applications from concept to reality honed at major media companies such as Dow Jones, UrbanDaddy and NextNewNetworks. Working with co- founder Frank Speiser at Takkle and Heavy, he was central to the effort of building completely new sites, applications and rich media experiences that helped both companies reach new audiences. Sam develops primarily in Perl at SocialFlow, but has also worked extensively in a professional capacity with Ruby, Python, PHP, ActionScript and JavaScript.

Michael Chin, VP of Business Development

Michael ChinMichael Chin is the VP of Business Development at SocialFlow. Previously the VP of Marketing, Michael helped to build SocialFlow as an industry leader in social media optimization. He was particularly instrumental in establishing the company as the optimization solution for the social media efforts of major news organizations and Fortune 100 brands.

Before joining SocialFlow, Michael was SVP, Marketing at KickApps, a leading social media platform. He worked on a variety of brands in online media and entertainment while at at Deep Focus, a leading agency that delivers online engagement, and also with Bite Communications, a global communications consultancy that serves blue chip companies and emerging start-up brands. Prior to that, Michael was Director of Marketing at StormPlay Entertainment Systems and an Account Manager at Niehaus Ryan Wong.

Michael is considered a leading authority in social media and is a frequent speaker at conferences such as CES, Digital Hollywood, CMO Summit, The Digital Media Conference, DPAC II, Digiday and Ragtime UK. He has guest lectured on social media and interactive marketing at Baruch College and Bentley University’s MBA programs.

Michael has worked with numerous well-known brands throughout his career, including Calvin Klein, WeightWatchers, Hearst, Sony Television, Harpo, AMC, Virgin Life Care, BEA Systems, VERITAS Software, Become.com, Creative Labs and Netscape.

Matthew Moran, VP of Product Development

Matt MoranMatthew Moran is the Vice President of Product Development at SocialFlow. He oversees the company’s product portfolio and partnership integration. Matt possesses a passion for flow based development methodologies that he has employed over 15 years of digital experience with pioneer companies such as DoubleClick and well known brands such as BMG Columbia House. Before coming to SocialFlow, Matt worked for The Library Corporation where he led the way in rolling out agile processes such as Scrum, XP and Kanban that were used to successfully develop sophisticated tools for several of the largest libraries in the world. His ability to understand and communicate domain knowledge has led to a distinguished record of success managing product development in a broad spectrum of companies and organizations including Novartis, Razorfish, International Rescue Committee, Heavy.com and The Soros Foundation. Matt is also the recipient of the Library Journal’s Mover and Shaker Award in 2009.

Eric Bueman, VP of Sales

Eric BuemanEric Bueman has been managing, hiring and building high performance sales teams within the SaaS/technology environment for over 15 years. He is a seasoned sales manager who brings both energy and deep knowledge to SocialFlow. Eric joined the company in 2012 after playing a key role at a successful start up in the streaming media industry for over a decade.

In addition to building successful sales teams, Eric has managed key strategic relationships, personally contributing well over $130 million in business to the companies he was part of. Eric will play a key role in the development and building out of SocialFlow’s sales organization.

Eric holds a BS in Management & Finance form San Diego State University.

Mike Perrone, Special Advisor and Co-founder

Mike PerroneMike Perrone is a seasoned media executive whose quest to deliver technology solutions that drive business success led him to co-found SocialFlow. Experience in direct marketing and e-commerce has taught Mike that demographics are not the only gauge of what will motivate people to act. His commitment to understanding language, the underlying behaviors it speaks to, and how those behaviors can be channeled into purchase decisions stands behind every technical development SocialFlow makes. Throughout his career, Mike has worked in advertising (JWT), management consulting (KPMG), entertainment technology and direct marketing. He has managed the integration of several high profile acquisitions for a global media giant and implemented strategic efficiencies to positively impact businesses threatened by changes in the digital age. His deep understanding of what drives human engagement with brands and businesses was honed while he was the VP of Operations at Bertelsmann’s U.S. direct-to-customer book, music, movie and game businesses. Able to study the behaviors and purchasing patterns of roughly 20 million customers, Mike became convinced that the holy grail of one-to-one marketing could be found using real-time data. “Once you realize the business value of understanding the truly predictive nature of social media data, you can arm your business with a precision instrument that helps match the right message with the right moment to yield the greatest results. “ Applying the SocialFlow Optimized Publisher™ to organizations like Forbes, Pepsi, Random House and the Economist, Mike leads the way in redefining how social media can be used to enhance ROI and drive audience engagement.