September 18, 2013 News & Events, Product Updates

The top social brands & publishers know it’s no longer enough just to post their best content to Facebook and Twitter at the right time. Your great content competes for attention with other amazing content being created every day by the best agencies and marketing firms in the world (not to mention competing with friend status updates and breaking news). To have a chance at success, even the best social content needs an extra push to reach the top.

SocialFlow Forte now extends your ability to promote content and boost performance with the rollout of one step Unpublished Page Post creation, promotion, and moderation.

Create and Promote Unpublished Page Posts

Create un-promoted or promoted Unpublished Posts in one step right from the compose box.


Moderate Unpublished Page Posts

Manage threaded comments and likes, and delete offensive comments.


What Are Unpublished Page Posts?

Unpublished page posts are Facebook post types that will not appear organically on your Facebook page or in your audience’s NewsFeed. They will only show in a follower’s NewsFeed or side bar when targeted appropriately and promoted. Unpublished Page Posts can also be accessed via a direct link like so:

Why Use Unpublished Page Posts?

There are many reasons you would want to use this Facebook post type. First and foremost, marketers can now more easily separate the results from strictly promoted post performance vs strictly owned post performance. This helps to disentangle owned and paid marketing budgets as applied to social marketing/media platforms.

You don’t need to promote Unpublished Posts to distribute them. Since they are accessible from unique urls, you can link to them from emails, your website, or other owned media properties. You can take advantage of SocialFlow’s post analytics to see how this distribution type performs.

To revive older messages, rather than re-promoting, a more effective and better strategy would be to promote an Unpublished Post with the same or similar content. Facebook favors recent messages for NewsFeed distribution so performance is likely to be better.

Different post types can have different requirements. For instance you may create a Facebook image post where the image contains more than 20% text. This is fine until you attempt to promote it. Facebook won’t allow any ad type to contain more than 20% text in an image. With the ability to create an unpublished page post containing similar messaging while following ad image guidelines, problems like this can be avoided and your posts might even perform better.

Unpublished Page posts with specialized creative and links can be targeted at different smart phone device types.

Different post types targeted at different segments often require slightly different messaging and creative. Now multivariate ad testing can be accomplished without clogging up your page or user’s NewsFeeds.

How Our Customers Use Unpublished Page Posts

  • To disentangle owned and paid metrics.
  • To test multiple creative targeted to segments within different geographic regions. This can help gauge which messaging drives the highest engagement regionally.
  • To show special offers to specific Facebook Custom Audiences. This can be an extremely powerful technique for driving results.
  • To test different creative on a smaller scale before using the best performing messaging as a fully promoted regular Page Post.

SocialFlow is excited to be one of the first social media marketing applications that gives you the ability to create, promote, and moderate Unpublished Page Posts all in one place.

Click here to find out how to put Unpublished Page Posts to work for you.

Written by SocialFlow Marketing