July 1, 2011 Insights, News & Events

The problem of timing and frequency is one that vexes a number of brands and publishers. Today, an article out in Fox Small Business Center looks at exactly that business challenge, and includes quotes from SocialFlow co-founder Frank Speiser:

“If you have 10 things to say, I guarantee you shouldn’t be saying them all. At least not right now.”

If you look at physical businesses, the reason stores that are in high foot-traffic area but go out of business is because the topical appetite is not strong enough in that area. The people are there, but the message falls on deaf ears. No one wants to be “that store” in social conversations.

So how do you get your message out there without it falling on deaf ears?

The article then turns to SocialFlow client Susan Halligan at the New York Public Library, who has seen significant measurable gains in engagement since beginning to use the service:

“We had 2,000 re-tweets in May,” said Susan Halligan, marketing director for the New York Public Library, an early customer of SocialFlow. That number is a 44% increase from the prior month, with higher engagement and more referrals to its website to boot. “If we weren’t seeing that growth, we’d think the messaging was too much.”

SocialFlow helps brand and publishers reach optimal intervals for publishing to their audience by:

  • Looking at the language your audience is using and conversations that are happening in real-time to deliver messages when they are most likely to pick up traction, and be clicked on and Retweeted.
  • Delivering actionable intelligence to our clients that helps them to understand what types of content are making the most impact. Armed with that knowledge, our clients are able to make better and more strategic marketing and editorial decisions.

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Written by SocialFlow Marketing