Overview and Objectives:

  • As a new brand, client was looking to make a splash in the travel industry, with high goals set for prospect and customer acquisition in the early stages brand development
  • The main campaign for the Social campaign was to increase and develop high referral traffic to site from social



  • The travel brand launched in April, with no prior no presence in the travel industry
  • Our client wanted to gain high levels of referral traffic, but their previous social content was focused more on branding materials that did not funnel direct to the website
  • The client was also further constrained by a small internal content team that limited the quantity of social content



  • The travel brand saw tremendous return on Ad-Spend with an average CPL of $0.20
  • Our client gained 180K Fans in fourth month, related to these capaigns
  • SocialFlow provided our client a CPF of on average 50% less than travel industry standards
  • The brand had a 30% higher follow rate compared to travel industry standards


How SocialFlow did it:

  • Used link posts over photo posts to generate a higher clickthrough rate to website.
  • Set up Custom Audiences from the CRM data that was shared by the client on both Facebook and Twitter.
  • Set up website tracking pixels on both Facebook and Twitter to create “warm leads” and lookalikes off the leads as well.
  • Conversion tracking was enabled on both Facebook and Twitter to track conversions as close to real-time as possible.
  • A/B tested different creatives and calls to action in the different creative to ensure that the best combinations were used.
  • We also created a look-a-like audience from the individuals who converted to target as our campaign progressed.
  • Utilized promoted hashtag contests on Twitter to drive engagement and traffic