SocialFlow was pleased to join Reuters TV as part of their election night coverage (watch full recap video HERE). With this election being dubbed the “most social election ever,” and with both candidates taking advantage of social audiences throughout the campaign, it only makes sense to view the election results through a social lens. SocialFlow CEO joined Reuters’ Lisa Bernhard to provide insight into what content likely voters consumed throughout the campaign and leading up to the election; what issues they’re most passionate about and what it could mean to voter turnout and the election. Our team also examined what election stories were garnering the most international attention and engagement. Jim presented these findings to the team at Reuters.TV’s Time Square studio and the segments were streamed on the Reuters website, their Reuters.TV mobile app and on Facebook.

SocialFlow’s analyzed content from the world’s largest media companies. Our clients post over 15MM posts per year, giving us access to most editorial content shared on social channels. By looking at what types of articles were resonating with users across the country, we were able to see patterns and find out what people are interested in on the local level.

We have included a rundown of the information we shared on Reuters and links to the video below.

But first, some original data! We pulled some pretty interesting stats that show just how much of “content advantage” Donald Trump had bolstering his campaign (for free) over social channels. First, we looked at the content published across our platform on Election Day.

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 3.35.43 PM

Summary Statistics for the breakdown of political articles posted through SocialFlow clients over the course of Election Day 2016

As you can see, articles about Trump outpaced Clinton articles by a factor of 1.4x. But more staggeringly, garnered 3x as many clicks.

When we look at the entirety of each campaign, the delta between the content increases.


Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 3.40.42 PM


There were almost 100k articles about Trump shared socially since he announced his candidacy and those articles were clicked on almost 100MM times.

In February, we estimated the value of free media that Trump was earning due to the amount of social/editorial attention that he was receiving.

Reuters Election Night:



Join Jim and Lisa starting at 13:35 for insight into headlines that went viral from around the country on Election Day



At the 7:35 mark, Jim focuses on the past 14 days of clicks from North Carolina, Pennsylvania and more, based on Congressional Districts. Red areas are Trump-focused and blue being Clinton-focused, but the topics clicked on may surprise you.



At 20:01, Jim and Lisa discuss what’s buzzing on social media in Michigan; what are voters saying? What are the United Autoworker Union members Tweeting about? Can this predict which way the state will swing? Jim answers that and more, along with analysis of those using the #IVoted Hashtag.



At midnight in the US, the election results were clear, along with what Americans were talking about on social media. But what was the International community thinking and Tweeting? The US Election was part of it, but you may be surprised what else was going on that night. Find out from Jim, starting at 15:51


Written by Maura Dailey