November 8, 2016 Blog, Election 2016, Insights

Clinton seems to be leading nearly 2-1 in Tweets confirming votes for candidates across the country. Women’s issues are the top topic driving involvement in nearly every single voting district – leading economy, jobs,crime and police.

As of 5:49pm, 1277 articles have been written about the candidates and the election. It makes up 36% of all clicks in the United States. Surprisingly, Russia and China are seeing clicks regarding the election garner a 29% share of voice in each country.


Early Election Data, as of 3:45pm

There have been 1,155 articles posted about the candidates today.
It is split 412 – Clinton and 743 – Trump. Clicks on Clinton stories have garnered 153k clicks, and Trump’s stories have racked up 353k clicks.

The early voting tallies which saw Clinton jump out to a lead in people tweeting that they had voted has started to even out as the day goes on. In many cases, just 3-4% separates voter confirmation for either candidate.

Written by SocialFlow Marketing