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April 1, 2014 Uncategorized


A global automaker wanted to deliver an ad campaign on Facebook that would reach outside of their traditional audience and could be seamlessly executed by their agency team.


The automaker began using SocialFlow to publish content and advertise on Facebook. SocialFlow quickly partitioned the target audience, automatically built and tested the ads to maximize performance and results. Soon afterwards, the automaker was able to capitalize and execute on real-time conversational data, and to seamlessly amplify content to an extended audience.

When the automaker’s Facebook content receives a high amount of engagement with their current audience, SocialFlow automatically recommends the posts for paid promotion. With the single click of a button, the brand is able to put its advertising dollars behind content that has proven success with the existing audience. And by leveraging the success of high-performing content to inform ad buying, SocialFlow effectively reached audiences beyond the automaker’s current followers.


The global automaker has achieved unprecedented levels of engagement with the new audiences through Crescendo. The automaker’s campaign earned an average CTR of 4.3% and achieved levels as high as 8%. To put this in perspective, other companies in the social media marketing space frequently tout CTRs between 0.1 – 0.8% as meaningful.

Written by SocialFlow Marketing