April 13, 2018 Uncategorized

As many of you noticed or read from our in app-notification or blog post, Facebook recently removed the ability to search pages in their API causing SocialFlow to have issues with page tagging and branded content.

Great news–we’ve figured out a way to keep these functions working for you!

Read on to see how to continue to tag pages in the compose box, for branded content, and for page targeting.

Tagging a Page in the Compose Box

When you want to tag a page in the Compose box, you’ll also need to know the exact page name and use the @ symbol. For example, the main Dunkin Donuts’ Facebook page for the U.S. has the screen name DunkinDonutsUS so you would enter: @dunkindonutsus

As long as you type it correctly, the page name will appear in the drop-down. You can select it and the page tag will publish successfully. Please note, only one option will appear in the drop-down.

Branded Content Tagging

Now, when using the handshake tool for Branded Content, you’ll need to enter that screen name without the @ symbol.

As long as you type the name correctly, you’ll see that it displays in the drop-down, you can select it and the branded content post will publish successfully.

You can also enter the page URL if that’s easier.  For example: https://www.facebook.com/DunkinDonutsUS/

Page Targeting Tagging

The above format also works in the Page Targeting option. Just click the target icon in the Compose box to view the targeting options and your target pages.

For more information from Facebook you can go here or contact your client services representative or support@socialflow.com with any questions.

Written by SocialFlow Team