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Using real-time data and your editorial business rules, SocialFlow’s platform intelligently sequences the distribution of your content so that the message that reaches the audience is most likely to be relevant to what they are interacting with right now.  This drives higher click-through rates, as well as higher engagement and sharing of your content.


SocialFlow connects directly to your content management system using any standard means of export (XML, RSS, WordPress Plug-In, Drupal, etc.).  We then score your content against your active audience before ever publishing them to your social networks to see what content will resonate best.  SocialFlow also automates link shortening and web analytics tagging.

By automating key pieces of the social publishing process and using optimization to eliminate guesswork around scheduling, SocialFlow can save you and your team significant time.

Develop New Revenue Streams:

SocialFlow allows publishers to generate additional revenue from existing social content by selling sponsorship of high-performing Tweets and Facebook posts.

Advertisers gain access to new audiences on social networks, including on mobile, and reach consumers where they’re spending their time.  And, they do so with confidence, knowing the high performing content they sponsor has already proven itself with your audience.


Integrated Solution
Utilize an end-to-end intelligent solution for paid and earned publishing on major social networks in one platform.
Promoted Content
Attract highly convertible new and competitor audience user groups that are likely interested in your product.
Revenue Growth
Monetize existing content to create new revenue opportunities and gain distribution to new audiences by selling sponsorships.

Increased Engagement
Publish timely and relevant content into social conversations to reach your audience when they are more engaged, yielding more interactions, more followers and more value.

Right Content, Right Time, Right Platform
Remove the guesswork of which content to promote by using the organic response to your content to identify top performing owned content to be turned into paid content that is relevant to current social conversations.


How it works:

  1. You pull your content sources into the platform.
  2. You set publishing rules and parameters (frequency caps, minimum publishing frequency, etc.).
  3. Our platform analyzes real-time conversational data and automatically delivers the right message at the right time.
  4. We automatically alert your team when our algorithm identifies posts that are performing well among your current followers.
  5. You can easily select audiences or interests to target based on people with similar profiles to your audience or acquisition campaigns.

Platforms supported:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+