February 28, 2011 Insights, News & Events

Jeremiah Owyang of the Altimeter Group wrote a really interesting blog post about how brands and others should look at Twitter in the mix of their communications channels. The third bullet in his post comes up a lot in our conversations with customers and people that are interested in using SocialFlow to optimize their social media engagment: Conundrum: To Stay Top of Mind, People Tweet more, Resulting In More Noise.

More Tweets does not mean better. While counter intuitive to some, you have to fight the urge to simply increase your Tweet frequency in an attempt to capture more engagement or eyeballs. Unlike old media and advertising where you spray as much as possible then pray, on Twitter, more Tweets ends up being noise and people start to tune you out. What happens then is that they begin to ignore you. Eventually, the worst case scenario strikes and they unfollow you.

Most of our customers optimize the number of Tweets they send out each day. We find that Clicks/Follower is a good starting point for gauging whether or not you’re building an engaged audience. A few months ago one of our customers saw a steady rise of their Clicks/Follower ratio and overall clicks (a key metric for them). They decided to increase their Tweets per day by 30% in hopes that they could accelerate that curve. After a month, their Clicks/Follower flat-lined andand eventually that ratio started to drop.

This was a clear indication that their audience was starting to tune out and they were sending out too much content. We adjusted accordingly by dialing the Tweet volume and frequency down and the rise continued.

While Jeremiah’s post is about optimizing your social media mix, we think that you can and should be optimizing what you do in each channel.

We’ve found that on Twitter it’s about being as interesting, useful and relevant to your followers as possible so that they’ll keep wanting to follow you and recommend you to their friends. We’ve found that the primary variables to this is timing your Tweets based on when your Followers are going to be most receptive to what you have to say and are thus more likely to take a desired action (click on a link, RT, mention and follow). This is the problem we solve right now at SocialFlow.

If I was to add anything to Jeremiah’s post, it is, try to do everything you can to make sure what you’re going to post gets out at a time when people care about what you have to say. It’ll increase your odds of getting attention and it’ll improve you ability to grow a large engaged audience.

Written by SocialFlow Marketing