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March 12, 2018 Uncategorized

Publishers with a wise high-quality post/content “recycle” strategy have seen a bigger boost in organic reach on social media without the additional cost of creating new editorial. In our study, Behind the Glass: Post Recycling, the number of recycled posts has gone up by 164% over the course of the past year. Companies that have followed our recommendation to increase overall publishing volume have often used recycling of high-quality evergreen posts as a means to increase output without increasing editorial workload.

Some media companies worry that their customers will grow weary of seeing the same stories multiple times, but given the relatively low percentage of your audience that sees any individual post organically (5% of your followers), this is unlikely. The benefits of a careful recycling strategy greatly outweigh the potential risks.

Average Reach for recycled posts

In fact, in our study, cumulative reach increased by 172% on average by the time a post was recycled five times. The additional reach from each recycling of that post after three times gained organic reach averages in the low thousands.

post recycling results in minimal duplication


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Written by SocialFlow Team