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What SocialFlow Does

Optimize your Tweets to earn greater attention and engagement.

Every publisher on Twitter (whether a media company, brand, retailer or even an individual) is competing for attention against every other Tweet and topic that appears in their audience’s timeline. People are much more apt to pay attention and take a desired action — whether a click, RT, @mention, @reply or Follow — if the Tweets that they see are useful, relevant or interesting at the moments when they are paying attention.

The Optimization Equation


Relevant message: What conversations and topics is your audience receptive to?

The SocialFlow AttentionScore™ algorithm uses data from the Twitter firehose to dynamically rank and re-rank your messages in real-time based on what your Followers are most receptive to.




Right audience: Who’s available to you?

SocialFlow factors in what portion of our audience is available to you and will likely take a desired action at any moment in time.

In Depth: Download an audience study where SocialFlow looked at six major news organizations and defined patterns in their audience interactions.




Right time: When is your audience engaged, receptive and likely to take an action?

SocialFlow monitors the precise time in which a message is likely to be seen by the greatest number of interested Followers.

In Depth: Download a case study on how the New York Public Library uses SocialFlow to time their Tweets for maximum effect.



Maximum potential engagement, insight and audience growth

SocialFlow dynamically publishes the best message at the best time to ensure maximum potential engagement.