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February 25, 2014 Uncategorized


A top-tier American beauty brand had all the pieces in place for success on social. The team produced compelling content and the company’s highly-regarded founder possesses a strong social following made up of customers and the media. But after years of using social channels to connect with their customers, the brand discovered that audience growth and engagement had stalled and needed a plan for increasing engagement.


The beauty brand needed a social media strategy that would allow them to build the same strong connection they had with their audiences offline. The perennial question arose: How could they deliver their stellar content to the audiences they were trying to reach?


The company decided to integrate data-driven technology that would help reach the audiences who would engage with the brand’s content and would be most likely to take action online and in-store. By publishing their content through the SocialFlow platform, the brand was able to discover and act on real-time conversational data.

And because SocialFlow’s publishing platform automatically publishes content at the moment of optimal engagement, the brand has been able to spend more time creating content and less time on guessing when to publish.


Within one year of using SocialFlow, the brand saw impressive growth and a staggering increase in engagement. They came to SocialFlow with 65,300 Twitter followers; today they have more than 150,000.

Written by SocialFlow Marketing