July 30, 2010 Insights, News & Events

There is a lot of hype around the notion of “social influence”. While we all like to believe we are important, the truth is, we’re not all experts in everything. Ashton Kutcher makes funny movies, but he’s not better at spotting undervalued baseball talent than, say, Billy Beane.

Does Ashton Kutcher deserve more weight to his opinions on everything, simply because he has many followers? Of course not. Also, perhaps fans of Mr. Beane’s work would trust his recommendations on movies over the more “distributed” Mr. Kutcher. The connection with concepts that personally resonate is what moves the needle.

More directly: people identify with personal preference. A strong indicator of preference is language. A world famous personality could say two distinct things, and you may be much more interested in one topic versus the other based on your connection to it. The language, not merely the person, is the driving factor in engagement. Your audience is busy making subjective choices on what they would like to engage with, and when. When the window opens up for your brand, will you know that you are able to deliver?

What we do at SocialFlow is this: explore this affinity for language and concepts within an audience and make sure that you can address for exceptional ROI when the time makes sense. You shouldn’t berate your audience, but you need to stay engaged. Timing and topicality is everything – everything that is going to get you results. Measuring the elusive “social influence” factor is simply a proxy for expected results. This is a big problem to solve and can mean the difference between succeeding and “just staying in the game” for your brand.

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Written by SocialFlow Marketing