September 30, 2016 Blog, News & Events

Yesterday, our CEO Jim Anderson participated in a panel discussion part of Advertising Week, at Thomson Reuters’ headquarters in New York which asked the question, “Is the Political Ad Dead?” Presented by The Financial Times and the Marketing Society, the panel included guests Matthew Hiltzik, founder of Hiltzik Strategies; Scott Goodstein, CEO of Revolution Messaging; and Vivian Schiller, consultant and formerly Head of News for Twitter and President and CEO of NPR. Reuters Digital Executive Editor Dan Colarusso moderated.

Factors such as an increase in candidates using social (and free) media compared to elections of the past is one of the ways the election of 2016 is like nothing we’ve ever seen.  The number of followers a candidate has versus their message resonating has an impact as well. As Jim noted, “Trump has 12 million followers vs Hillary Clinton’s 9 million. Reach and frequency favors Hillary but Trump’s message resonates and therefore gets more lift.”

Following the panel, Jim spoke with Dan Colarusso for our Facebook Live where they further discussed the impact of social media during the election of 2016.



Written by Sarah Donna