January 9, 2014 Insights, News & Events

SocialFlow powers the NY Times Social Media Accounts

It’s thrilling when one of our partners uses our technology to tell an engaging story that will resonate in the industry and add value to community managers. Anyone responsible for the day to day questions and challenges of understanding what works, why it works as well as when to share it, will appreciate this look back in this article “If a tweet worked once, send it again — and other lessons from The New York Times’ social media desk” Michael Roston is a staff editor for social media at The New York Times.

How do we power some of the worlds largest publishers, helping them manage their social channels on Facebook, Twitter and Google+? In a nutshell, SocialFlow collects engagement metrics for @NYTimes Tweets in real-time directly from the Twitter firehose. And because @NYTimes uses SocialFlow to publish, click data is collected using SocialFlow’s proprietary link shortener.

SocialFlow analyzes audience availability and conversation in real-time, enabling brands and publications to publish the right content, to the right audience segment, at the right moment. The resulting higher engagement, business value, and growth in quality audience allows publishers and brands to monetize social as a distribution channel.

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