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Video content is having a moment.  Users love watching it and advertisers can’t get enough—so if you don’t already have a path to monetize your social videos, you are missing out on a big opportunity.

Video receives outsized reach: Video content from media companies accounts for 5% of posts but gets 32% of reach

Media company video content shared on social networks is a different beast than traditional link posts.  Link posts on social networks draw social audiences to the media company’s site to read the full article—driving traffic and ultimately dollars to the media company.  Video content, however, lives completely on social. When you post a video on a social channel, the user gets the full content within their feed and doesn’t ever have to click to your site—denying the media company the ability to monetize the content through traditional site clicks.

In order to give your audience the video, they crave and be properly compensated for the original video content you share socially, publishers and media companies need a new social video monetization strategy.

Enter AttentionStream.

AttentionStream Sponsored Editorial uses a media company’s own organic audience to identify articles and videos that are seeing outsized reach and engagement. These posts, which have already been categorized, are then made available for sponsorship by advertisers. In other words, advertisers can take advantage of being able to sponsor the top-performing 10-15% of a publisher’s link and/or video posts.  With the current popularity of video content, publishers are finding the video product to be especially appealing (and effective) for their advertisers.

This product gives advertisers the opportunity to be associated with the high-quality content, much as the traditional print-advertising model allowed, but within the Social Feed where audiences are truly engaged and paying attention. They also can take advantage of the sophisticated targeting capabilities the social networks have so that advertisers can reach exactly the audience they want and at a scale unavailable anywhere else.


  • extends existing sponsorship packages to social—category sponsorships, event sponsorships, etc
  • can be crafted exclusively for video, article/link posts or both
  • complements existing native campaigns
  • maintains the publisher-advertiser relationship into social and video
  • routinely outperforms all other line items on a media plan

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Written by Maura Dailey