SocialFlow users can now create Facebook video posts on our platform with ease!  Customers can add video to their Facebook posts as simply as adding a photo.  As with all posts through SocialFlow, your native videos will be optimized to attract the most attention, with the right message (in video format) delivered at the right time!

Smart brands and publishers understand that consumer attention is stretched further each day, as more and more content is created and entered into the feed. You need to make sure that your content is getting the attention it deserves!

Native Facebook video provides your content a number benefits, including:

  • Higher Engagement – Your audience is more likely to engage with Facebook videos as compared to other video formats, such as YouTube videos. A study shows that native Facebook video has a 2.5x higher CTR and a 30% higher video play rate when compared to YouTube.
  • Autoplay (without audio) – Facebook video posts play automatically for mobile users on wifi and desktop users (this may be rolling out incrementally to Facebook’s user base). This gives marketers an unprecedented opportunity to grab even more attention as users scroll through their feeds.
  • Larger Format – Facebook video posts appear as full “link post’ sized thumbnails taking up more real estate on your audience’s newsfeed.

With the larger format and the autoplay capabilities, native Facebook videos present a tremendous opportunity to publishers and marketers alike!  Now that you can show more than just a static image as consumers scroll through their news feeds – you can draw attention to your post, while condensing significantly more information into your audience’s field than a link or photo post.

From showing more of your brands merchandise to more of the days news stories, native Facebook videos should be an integral part of your Facebook strategy.

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Written by SocialFlow Marketing