Facebook recently announced its new Photo Carousel Feature in the Compose and Publish sections, which can be used for both photos and links to post. This feature is an organic post type, and available tomorrow through the SocialFlow platform.


The Carousel feature is ideal for wrap-ups of daily, weekly or monthly top news stories while providing the ability for different angles on existing news stories (think elections, sports and tentpole events), and allows multiple images for a single destination URL in an engaging format. Also, the Carousel gives great insight into content for organic subscriptions, or driving conversations on paywall content.


In the compose box using the camera icon, users can now individually add up to five images. There are arrows to scroll through the images and text fields so the user can configure the appropriate tile, destination URL, description and call to action. The latter two are not available natively, and the destination URL is a required criteria.





(Posts with multiple links show comma separated list of links in downloadable message report)


Clicking left or right arrow takes you to the next image:


You can also elect to display an “end card” which displays last in the carousel and links to the main URL associated with your Facebook page. This, however, is checked off by default. This feature is also not available through Facebook native.



(The photo carousel will show up in your page timeline in listen section. It will not show the functioning carousel but you can view and moderate comments).


When the carousel is published to Facebook it looks like this:




Carousel posts show up with link icon in Socialflow. This is because ultimately they are more like a set of link posts. You can see the details by rolling over the link icon:





SocialFlow is the first social optimization platform to have access to Facebook’s Photo Carousel, and it is available tomorrow!



Written by Sarah Donna