SocialFlow’s new content calendar feature allows users to view Published, Scheduled and Optimized content for multiple social accounts in a Weekly or Daily view. The Calendar view will help you understand your past publishing cadence as well as see coverage for upcoming days and weeks at a glance.


Use Cases

Calendar is great for understanding your publish coverage for the day’s upcoming events and posts, as well as amount published per day in the past. Audience activity graphs also allow you to see where your content may have had significant impact on your audience. Just line up Published Content times with Audience Activity bumps to see which content might have generated the activity spikes.




Where To Find It: 

  • To access the Calendar, sign into the SocialFlow Platform and click Calendar View under the Publish Navigation header. The first view you will see is the Weekly View; you can click back and forth arrows to go to Week Ahead or Week Previous.



  • Click Calendar icon to change dates for viewing
  • Click Daily View or Day of the Week header to see content for a specific day


Additional information is available upon signing into the SocialFlow Platform






Written by Sarah Donna