April 13, 2012 News & Events

How do you get people to pay attention to what you say in social?

You’ve got to post great content, content that your audience is interested in, and not just once in a while.

Matching the right piece of content to the right opportunity to connect with an audience is central to what we do here at SocialFlow. Using language analysis to understand audiences, topics, attention and engagement on the real-time social graph, the SocialFlow Optimized Publisher™ is able to pinpoint the precise moment any given piece of content is to yield clicks, likes, shares, Retweets and conversions.

Having a well-stocked queue of content can only enhance your chances of getting great results day in and day out. And so that’s why we’ve created a special “Get Content” resource which is filled with great ideas for excellent content to populate your Twitter and Facebook feeds with.

Check it out to find ideas on adding a Pinterest feeds, Youtube feeds and much more. We’ll be adding to a library of how-to videos, as well as providing some of our favorite content feeds in subjects like news, culture and sports.

Take a look at our new “Get Content” section>>

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Written by SocialFlow Marketing