Every piece of content you deliver to your audience should be optimized. Retweets are no exception. Retweets should be as targeted and effective as your earned and paid Twitter content.

We’re happy to announce that SocialFlow users can optimize native retweets directly from the Listen section of your dashboard.

The new native retweet function lets you easily optimize retweets that will be delivered at the moment they are most likely to engage your audience.

Optimization lets you select as many tweets to retweet as you would like and saves you time wondering if a tweet will resonate with your audience—those that don’t will simply expire. You also have the flexibility to modify retweets or send them out right away.

Native retweets enhance message virality, discoverability and eliminate the friction of copying and pasting a message into your SocialFlow content queue.

For performance metrics, you can see click data and other engagements if you retweet from another Twitter account you access on SocialFlow.

Written by SocialFlow Marketing