February 16, 2012 News & Events


Thanks to all who participated in the SocialFlow social weapon contest this month! Our winner is Matt Philbin:

“I create social media campaigns for musicians and bands. My secret weapon combines traditional social media channels (ie, Facebook, Twitter) with e-commerce. My latest project is a contest on Facebook for fans of a band to submit t-shirt designs adapted from the group’s latest CD. The band will select the winning design. The winner receives a prize package and the t-shirt they designed will be made available on Threadless.com for the runner’s up to purchase a at discount.”

Congratulations again Matt, and thank you to the rest of the participants for sharing your tips, tricks, and social media secrets with us.

We won’t be greedy and hog all the secrets. Here are some of the entries that caught our attention:

Alexandra Blickley: (@Apbickley) “Flexibility: Start with quality content. Listen & respond to followers. Learn. Alter content strategy. Repeat.”

Kenny Jahng: “My #SocialWeapon is to pre-compose samples tweets others can simply cut/paste or even just click to tweet when asking others to share some good news.”

Dave Copeland: (@CopeWrites) “Always include one @ mention so at least one other person reads (and possibly shares) your tweets #socialweapon.”

DR. G: (@ZAGrrl): “My #socialweapon? Playing in the sweet spot at the intersect of high tech. & high touch. @socialflow http://bit.ly/zJq5Z9.”

Jen Charlton: (@Jen_Charlton): “Love searching hashtags. And creating interest graphs based on demographics/keywords is definitely a #socialweapon!”

Judi Huck: “Knowing what’s hot – trends are more likely *to trend*”

Garry Polmatter: “My secret weapon – video responses to Tweets, and gratuitous use of the word “Awesome”.”

Erik Schwenke: “I do automotive social media marketing. How do you get people to care about a car dealership? Get involved in their lives proactively. I search for Twitter conversations every day, talk as a person (rather than a faceless brand), and look for opportunities where I can get involved with the community, such as helping to sponsor a local blogger to attend a social media conference.”

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Written by SocialFlow Marketing