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If content is king, distribution is
the key to the kingdom.

Content takes time. Ads cost money. Only SocialFlow makes sure your social content and advertising reaches audiences when they are online and active. Our real-time data takes the guesswork out of what and when to publish to your social media properties in any given moment.

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Data Drives Social Performance: The Benchmark Study on Organic Publishing to Social Networks

Companies face stiff competition in trying to get messages into the social feeds of consumers. Our research found that even with the competition, companies continue to achieve significant reach and generate substantial engagement with organic (non-paid) social posts.

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Distribution Trumps Content Creation for Generating Business Value on Social

Content marketing is here to stay, but why is great content not enough? In today’s world, there is so much more content that organic reach cannot help but to decrease, while viral reach is going up. How can marketers give their great content the best chance of gaining that extra viral reach? Simply put: Superior distribution.

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Webinar Recap: Better Targeting = Better Strategy

In our August webinar, Frank Speiser, Co-founder and President of SocialFlow, discussed some game-changing concepts for your social strategy including targeting organic tweets by country and targeting through our new LinkedIn integration.

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iMedia Connection: Why LinkedIn deserves more marketing attention

Jim Anderson, our CEO, writes about the importance of LinkedIn to your social media efforts in iMedia Connection: “The battle for attention and the growth in content on social networks has made it increasingly difficult for brands to get their message noticed by the right people...

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Extension Update: New SocialFlow Chrome Extension

We are excited to announce our new version of the SocialFlow Chrome extension. There are some awesome improvements to the v1 functionality. The new extension allows messages and urls to be published separately to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn...

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Content, Not Advertising – Maximizing Your Social Ads Budget

Most marketers have heard the famous saying, “Half of the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” This quote is generally attributed to John Wanamaker...

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