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If content is king, distribution is the key to the kingdom.

SocialFlow’s algorithms send owned and paid content to users when they are paying attention. We optimize every post and release only messages that are relevant to users when they are online, consuming related content.

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Forrester Report Names SocialFlow Among Emerging SRPs

Forrester just released Data Defines The Future Of Social Relationship Platforms: How And Why Emerging SRPs Are Overtaking Established Vendors*, a report that names SocialFlow among “emerging SRPs … leading the way.”

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Distribution Trumps Content Creation for Generating Business Value on Social

Content marketing is here to stay, but why is great content not enough? In today’s world, there is so much more content that organic reach cannot help but to decrease, while viral reach is going up.

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World Cup Recap: Data – It’s in the Way That You Use It

This 2014 FIFA World Cup placed both sport and data on center stage for the world to see, with everyone able to marvel at just how connected we all are these days.

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Jim Anderson on “Street Smart”

Our CEO, Jim Anderson, stopped by Bloomberg TV’s “Smart Street “ with Trish Regan yesterday to discuss social media and the world cup and the implications for marketers.

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Why Fans Still Matter

With all the controversy around declining reach, many brands have given up on page likes and any sort of organic publishing strategy on Facebook. At SocialFlow, we believe there must be a synergy between paid and owned publishing.

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SocialFlow congratulates six clients for making LinkedIn’s list of the Top 10 Most Influential Brands

While this is exciting news for our clients, it indicates that innovative and successful companies are looking to SocialFlow to optimize their content, but more importantly SocialFlow works.

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