Reduce paying subscriber churn with RetentionStream

Leverage aggregate social insights to bolster subscription programs


Join publishers seeing subscriber churn rates decrease by 20-30+% using RetentionStream, with some results exceeding 60%. And, because churn compounds over time, the ROI of saving paying subscribers can have a significant impact on publishers’ bottom line.

SocialFlow, the leader in social distribution for media and publisher brands, introduces RetentionStream. RetentionStream extends publishers’ success on social media by using SocialFlow’s proprietary algorithms and data to intelligently deliver a proven, timely, and engaging social content directly into subscribers’ social feeds. The resulting engagement builds user loyalty and significantly reduces paying subscriber churn.

Instead of waiting for subscribers to come to your content, RetentionStream takes your best content to your subscribers.


Publishers use SocialFlow’s software to distribute more than 40 million social posts per year. The combined reach of those posts exceeds 1 trillion, and SocialFlow processes nearly 12 billion clicks per year. RetentionStream programs leverage this aggregate social insight to reduce subscriber churn. SocialFlow’s proprietary Propensity Index maps the interests of your user behind their clicks, and intelligently delivers the most relevant and engaging content to your subscribers.

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