June 2, 2010 Insights, News & Events

Our experiment is working so far. What started as a way for us (co-founders Frank Speiser and Mike Perrone) to increase our long, boring podcast audience from 2 to “at least 3” by means of connecting people by the language they use has brought us here.

SocialFlow went from idea to product pretty quickly and we’ve learned a whole bunch along the way. People engage around the language they use, it’s important in the type of connections they make, and those patterns of language usage are highly indicative of the way people share and consume.

Who knew? We didn’t then, but we surely know now. In fact, we’ve managed to distill what is truly useful in the realtime stream and help our clients make the most of their interaction with their Twitter audience.

After a few months in the lab, and a few dozen (paying) customers giving us solid feedback, we’re looking forward to opening our product up to approximately 50 companies looking to maximize their effectiveness in using Twitter.

Why 50, you might ask? In plainspeak, that’s just about the right number for us to continue to refine our algorithms, processes and get enough feedback to continue to perfect our product. Releasing an idea for free is one thing, but when people pay, they expect results – and you get the most high quality feedback by being in that line of fire. Steel sharpens steel, so we’re looking to bite off exactly as much as we can chew with our most recent release.

Customers have been exceedingly happy with our results so far, but we have a lot of knowledge that we’ve gleaned which is working its way into our offering with each release.

We’ve been able to increase click-throughs, mentions and retweets for every single one of our customers. As a symptom of properly engaging the audience around language, we’ve also been able to build engaged followers. We’re proud of what we’ve done so far and we’re excited about being able to take the product to the next level. So, here we go.

If you think your company would be a good fit for the SocialFlow service, visit us and click “Get Started”.

The SocialFlow Team

Written by SocialFlow Marketing