June 8, 2011 News & Events

According to Pepsico Head of Digital Shiv Singh, marketers make a key tactical mistake when they think their competition is only coming from other brands. “My real competition is 30 billion status updates,” he said from the stage of the Real Time NY 11 conference at B.B. King’s on Monday.

SocialFlow was one of the sponsors of the event, and over the course of the day, co-founder Frank Speiser and VP of Research and Development Gilad Lotan were there to talk about how marketers and publishers can better respond and adapt to the break-neck speed of the real-time social web.

Brands as diverse as Pepsi, Bravo and McDonalds are seizing new opportunities to connect with consumers through the social web, but to do that, they need specialized tools.

Singh outlined those needs while talking about a recent Pepsi campaign, “Get the Skinny,” which incorporated a blogger working on behalf of the brand as well as plenty of user-generated content.

The real-time marketing operation of the future must include the following features, Singh said, including:

  • Real time insight (the ability to know what’s going on at all times)
  • Real time response (the ability to respond at a moment’s notice to what’s going on in the real-time web)
  • Real time content studio (the ability to create content that serves those real-time needs)
  • Real time co-creation (consumers creating that content with you)

Other major brand marketers presented case studies on innovative uses of the real-time web, including:

  • BravoTV, who, among cable nets, has the highest incidence of “dual screen” viewing, spoke of the need to serve their vocal fan bases with interfaces that make real-time interaction part of the viewing experience. Those online and mobile experiences, which fluidly pull in content feeds and present outlets for participation designed to serve the vociferous needs of the most vocal pop culture junkie, have made a measurable impact on ratings. Social media alone accounted for a 10% rise in viewership of the show Top Chef.
  • McDonald’s talked about taking control of a potentially negative situation when they noticed a fictional (and mocked) creation called the “McLobster” began trending on Twitter. Seizing another popular trend at the moment (Charlie Sheen), McDonald’s successfully steered the conversation in a more positive direction—and garnered a fair amount of press in the process.

So convinced was he of the value of capturing real-time trends, Singh issued this challenge to the #RLTM audience: devote at least half of your marketing budget to real-time marketing. “The future of marketing is in the real-time web,” he said. “The sooner we jump on it, the better.”

How SociaFlow helps brands make the most of real-time opportunities:

  • We optimize your Tweets to reach more conversations. When you have thousands or millions of followers, the task of tracking online activity or conversations can be daunting. SocialFlow analyzes the conversations of your followers in real-time, finding the right times to release messages, when they are most likely to yield clicks, Retweets, mentions and more followers.
  • We’re at work, even when you aren’t. SocialFlow software works round the clock, whether your followers are in Dubuque or Dubai. We’re constantly ranking and re-ranking your content based on what’s happening in real-time. We’ll help you capture more attention—even when you aren’t at work.
  • We offer you real-time insights. You don’t have to wait an hour or a day to see what your followers are doing. SocialFlow unlocks comprehensive analytics on what your followers are doing in real-time, what they are clicking on and responding to. Download reports and circulate them to your colleagues to further explore what is effective.

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-@amandamccormick, Marketing Manager, @socialflow

Written by SocialFlow Marketing