April 9, 2012 Webinars

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“My real competition is 30 million status updates,” -Shiv Singh, head of digital at PepsiCo

“The bottleneck used to be distribution, now it’s attention,” -Mike Perrone, cofounder of SocialFlow

Once marketers could rely on well-established methods of distribution like print and TV to get their messages heard. Now, as the consumer’s voice gets more powerful, so too does the urgency to track, understand and respond to a real-time audience.

Maintaining relevance in that crowded marketplace will hinge on much more than an organization’s ability to establish a presence on social sites like Facebook and Twitter and interact with their followers. It’s about harnessing real-time tools to quickly identify opportunities and seize them–before the competition.

At Altimeter Group, Rebecca Lieb works with Fortune 500 companies and other world-class organizations to help them stay abreast of–and ahead of–trends that are reshaping business. In this webinar, she will arm you with the key best practices and strategies that will help you capture and capitalize on the opportunities available on the real time web.

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Written by SocialFlow Marketing