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October 21, 2014 Uncategorized


A travel brand, new to the market, came to SocialFlow with big goals for customer acquisition rates on social, which would ideally convert to prospective clients via the referral traffic their content would generate. At the time, the company was only about a month old and had no presence in social media.


SocialFlow was commissioned to assist in strategy and execution, developing the brand into a recognizable name within its industry. The brand’s first obstacle was creating more traffic-friendly content. Referral traffic was key, but given their constraints – most notably a small internal content development team – they lacked content that would funnel traffic back to their website.

SocialFlow helped create a strategy that used link posts over photo posts to generate higher click-through rates to the website, as well as help cut out other “noise” within the content that would distract the user from landing on their website. We also used their existing CRM data to develop custom audiences, in an effort to target and expand their audience. Using tracking pixels embedded on their website, our team was able to create “warm-leads,” which would further extend our strategies on targeting and creating “lookalike” audiences. The combination of these mentioned strategies, along with constant and real-time conversion metrics and sweeps (such as their weekly hashtag photo contests) has helped the brand gain traction in the social travel conversations in just four months.


Our client has been thrilled with the results: 180K new fans in only four months and a 30% higher follow rate compared to rest of its industry. All of this was done with a very high return on ad spend, with an average CPL of $0.20 and a CPF average nearly 50% less than travel industry standards.

Written by SocialFlow Marketing