Would it surprise you to learn that Donald Trump was the most tweeted about celebrity in January? Beating out the likes of Kayne, Bieber, Drake, Rihanna and David Bowie, #Trump was mentioned in over 14 million posts and was the top tender in 21 of the 31 days of the month.

Is there a correlation between social chatter and political success? Is anyone talking about you good publicity/good for his campaign?

I guess we will wait and see how the primary shakes out to see what this social awareness leads to. What is evident (and probably always has been), is that Trump gets a reaction– good, bad, but rarely indifferent. In the meantime, take a look at the quick video that Business Insider put together with the our Trump Twitter data



In other Trump trending news, Adweek looked at our Trump twitter data versus his opponents to decipher if his decision to not participate in the last GOP debate effected his standing with the field. Read the article here.




Written by Maura Dailey