September 17, 2010 In the Press, News & Events

The Wall Street Journal published an article last night about how media companies and news websites are driving audiences from social websites and services. (If you don’t have a subscription to the WSJ, search for “News Sites Study Social Media” on Google.)

The article talks about how publishers are seeking audience insight on social channels and how we’re helping customers like The Economist to “determine when to release a tweet about a certain topic to increase the likelihood it will be clicked.”

We’re extremely excited about the validation of our work and the value we’re bringing to our customers. A big thank you goes out to our customers, partners, investors, friends and family, for all their support.

We’re continuing to add great new functionality to SocialFlow which you’ll see roll out shortly. Stay tuned for that.

If you’re interested in using SocialFlow, please feel free to submit a sign up request here. We’re still currently in closed beta and will be in touch after you sign up to get you on board.

Written by SocialFlow Marketing