The SocialFlow team made its way to Austin, TX, for the annual gathering of web industry at SXSW. This is a special year for us because we’re launching our APIs for optimized publishing. This means that partners can implement SocialFlow’s optimization technology in their applications to earn greater engagement on Twitter.

SocialFlow’s optimized publishing technology analyzes real-time conversations and activities on Twitter and to enable publishers, retailers and brands to post the best possible content at the best possible time. The goal is simple, engage people with the right content at times when there’s a high intent to consume and you’ll grow a larger and more engaged audience, drive more traffic to your website, and increase every engagement metric, including re-tweets, mentions, follows and sharing.

The SocialFlow APIs enable developers that build social media applications for publishers, retailers and brands to integrate SocialFlow’s optimized publishing technology directly into their applications.

What applications should consider integrating SocialFlow’s optimized publishing?

1. Applications that publish or manage Tweets

  • Social media management platforms and tools
  • Social CRM platforms
  • Twitter clients
  • Listening and engagement platforms

2. Content management systems

3. Retail inventory and marketing systems

You can apply for access at or email for more information.

Many thanks to our partners at Mashery for having us at Circus Mashimus and for all their support.

Written by SocialFlow Marketing