The SocialFlow research team is looking for graduate level interns to join our group this summer. For these positions we primarily looking for computer science or information studies PhD or Masters students. If you’re passionate about data, dream of social graphs and are obsessed with topic classification, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing or data visualization, this opportunity is for you!

SocialFlow is a social media optimization platform that is used by major publishers, brands and retailers around the world. Our technology determines the optimal time to release the right message based on when audience is most receptive. SocialFlow sits on a plethora of realtime data streams, including both the Twitter and Bitly firehoses. Our infrastructure parses, indexes and draws insight from the combined streams in realtime.

The SocialFlow research team splits its time between:

1) Data Science – prediction, classification, natural language processing, dataviz, … and any other goodies one can use to analyze data. We spend a lot of time hacking with the numpy and scipy python libraries, and utilize datastores such as cassandra, redis and HDFS.

2) ResearchStorytelling – we are known for our in-depth analyses of events and dynamics, using our data sources to tell interesting stories. some recent examples: Breaking Bin-Laden: visualizing the power of a single tweet, audience analysis of prominent MSM news accounts and “Occupying” Twitter Tending Topics is harder than it looks. We’re committed to publishing both on our blog and in academic journals (published at ICWSM 2010).

We’re looking for passionate people who are interested in making sense of data, the dynamics of information sharing, and furthering the understanding of the critical shift in our media ecosystem. This is a paid internship. Times and length are flexible.

To apply: (deadline – Jan 8th, 2012 midnight EDT)
Send an email to research -at- socialflow -dot- com with the subject “SocialFlow Research Summer Intern Application” that includes the following:
1. A brief description of your dissertation or master’s project
2. An article that you have written (blog or journal) or a piece of code you’ve used to analyze data (code or github repo)
3. A copy of your CV
4. Links to your website or other online presence
5. A short description of 1-3 projects that you might imagine doing as an intern at SocialFlow

Written by SocialFlow Marketing